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Nose to tail dog of the finest grooming shops based in the Toledo, Ohio area of  Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan. Amos The Pit Bull Goes To Columbus - 08/2/2010

My last blog was about a dog named Amos, a "pit bull" who was days away from being euthanized at the order of our Brave City Commissioners. You can read his story by looking up the Dog Blog archive under "Lucas Co. dog warden controversy"

Well, I opened my newspaper this morning, and was so relieved to read that Amos has been saved and has a great new home near Columbus.

Amos became the first adult "pit bull" that the Lucas Co. dog warden was allowed to transfer to the Toledo Area Humane Society. After being evaluated and deemed Fit for Civilized Society ( A little sarcasm on my part, since most pit bulls are perfectly nice dogs), he ended up at a Columbus based rescue group called Pet Promise. Kelly MCafferty, the woman who is the dog program coordinator for Pet Promise, had read about Amos in the Toledo Blade and called Commissioner Ben Konop right away. Now Amos lives with a happy family that includes two other dogs for him to play with, on 2.5 acres of fenced yard. "The only thing that Amos is aggressive about is sharing his love", said the daughter Jennifer.

Since Amos, 15 other adult "pit bulls" have been transferred to the Humane Society. After being evaluated, they have either been adopted or placed with other rescue groups. Sometimes the Humane Society will reclassify a dog as a "boxer mix" to avoid the pit bull stereotype and allow the dog to be put up for general adoption. This is what happened with my Hazel, I think, since they told me at the Humane society that she was a boxer/basenji mix. Sure, I see basenjis running the streets all the time around here...

I'm so glad to be able to report that Toledo is coming into the 21st century with our new dog warden Julie Lyle and her new policies. Pit bulls everywhere can breathe easier. The only people who should be afraid are those who are cruel and neglectful. We've had some cases of that too here, but that will be my next Blog.

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