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Nose to tail dog of the finest grooming shops based in the Toledo, Ohio area of  Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan. In the wake of Sandy: What If? - 11/12/12

What a terrible storm hit the East Coast last week! Millions without power, homes destroyed, and people and their pets left homeless. it seems like events like these are happening more and more, and it makes you wonder: could it happen here? We don't get many hurricanes or earthquakes in NW Ohio, but the times they are a-changin', severe weather is more common, and we do get some pretty bad tornados. Do you know what to do if you had to evacuate with your pets, or were trapped without power in your home? We have a link on this page to the AKC website, which has a link to the FEMA page at, that has good advice on how to be prepared. Here are some of their suggestions.

1. Be Prepared. Have a few days supply of food and water on hand for both you and your pets. Keep copies of your pets' vet records right where you know how to find them. This is especially important in an evacuation, because you want current records of your pet's vaccinations, in particular rabies, and yes, you should keep your pets up to date on that one. Keep a sturdy collar or harness and leash with ID tags attached. Rabies tag, which will also have your vet's information, and a tag with your information. Have a carrier for smaller pets with your name and number clearly printed on it. I'd write it right on the carrier with a Sharpie. 2. Make A Plan: Know ahead of time where you will likely need to go in an evacuation, and know if pets are allowed. Find out if there are any kennels or vet clinics nearby that might take your pets in an emergency. Maybe your vet would know, or look online. Make a plan with neighbors, friends or relatives to take your pets in case you can't get to your house for some reason. 3. Be Informed: What kinds of disasters are most likely for your area? Like I said, we get tornados here. Do you have a safe place to go with your pets, like a basement or interior room? do you have your emergency supplies stored there?

So many people and their pets ares still suffering from the aftermath of Sandy. If you would like to help, please go to the AKC website, and find the place that says, "Click on Donate To the Sandy Fund". Be safe!

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