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Nose to tail dog of the finest grooming shops based in the Toledo, Ohio area of  Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan. My Own Dogs - 08/01/2009

I thought I'd start this blog by introducing my own dogs. I have four: Willow, a greyhound; Hazel, a basenji x pitbull; Jill a little black poodle; and Sam, the 'step'-collie.
I call Sam my 'step' collie because he came with my husband when we got married 2 years ago. I'd sworn I'd never have another large hairy dog (I used to have Newfoundlands), not because I don't like them but because I don't have the energy to groom my own dog after grooming all day. Collies and such need a LOT of grooming. Sam won my heart with his wonderful disposition, and excellent watchdog abilities. I live part-time in a less than safe neighborhood, and Sam is always vigilant.
I got Hazel from the Toledo Humane Society, and she is a good example of how you should be careful of first impressions. The card on her cage said, "This is a dog for an experienced owner only! Not good with children! Not good with other pets!" I wasn't sure I'd want her after reading that, but they let me take her to a play area outside, and I quickly realized that she was a good dog, but had a very powerful personality. Its likely her past owners couldn't deal with it and that's why they surrendered her to the Humane Society. I took her to a training class at A Promised Friend dog training, and Carol Humberger, the trainer, helped me focus and calm Hazel's energy. Hazel is great with children and gentle toward my cats and small Jill.
Jill came to me through my shop. She had been a client of my business partner, Toni, for several years, and then her elderly owner passed away. We didn't see Jill for a year, then suddenly one day a family member brought her in and handed her over to Toni.

" We don't care what you do with her. We just don't want her anymore!"

Poor Jill was left, and none of her family cared. But now she lives happily with me, as the princess of all the dogs. Only Jill is allowed on the bed, and she is my constant companion. She has lost both eyes to glaucoma, but can still unerringly find me wherever I am.
Willow happened because of a bad performance at the opera. My sister and I went to see 'Tales of Hoffman", and didn't like it, so we decided to go to the art museum instead. By coincidence, (or maybe not) they were having a Dogs In Art day, and several dog rescue organizations had booths set up on the steps outside the museum. We went into the Greyhound Rescue tent, and there I saw the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, before or since. a black greyhound with elegant white points at her chest and feet. All greyhounds are beautiful, but I have always thought Willow was exceptional. Its possible I'm biased a little. You can judge for yourself by checking out her picture on the "About Us" page.

Thank you for indulging me in this little bio of my animals. I won't bore you with cats and horses, since this is a dog site. Everyone likes to tell their dog's story, and I've heard many, so this time I'll turn the tables and tell mine!

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